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In order to minimize the impact of visitors as well as to coordinate your arrival it's important you to send your booking. In this way you help us to respect and protect this park.

Distances from Tagua-Tagua Lake

  • Puerto Montt 170 km
  • Puerto Varas 145 km
  • Cochamó 46 km
  • Río Puelo 13 km
  • Llanada Grande 32 km
  • Hornopirén 97 km
  • Caleta Puelche 53 km

Tagua Tagua Park

Alerces Refuge

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Quetrus Refuge

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Mítico Puelo Lodge

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Flora & Fauna watching

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Who we are?


Our mission is to educate and sensitize society as a whole, about the importance of conservation and sustainable management of natural ecosystems as a way to achieve the goals of development.


To promote conservation and protection of pristine ecosystems of southern Chile, through a science-based tourism development of first level that allows to educate and sensitize different actors in society.

Generating information and knowledge about Chilean ecosystems with high conservation value, which are a permanent source of inputs for training and academic research.


Tagua-Tagua Park is a Private Protected Area (PPA) of approximately 3,000 ha. which is located in the basin of Puelo river, on the shores of Lake Tagua Tagua. Administratively the park belongs to the commune of Cochamó, Province of Llanquihue, Los Lagos District.

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Tagua-Tagua Park is located in a portion of the Patagonian Andes where the forest, water and mountains interact as part of an endless cycle of life. Its geographical features have allowed this valley to remain untouched over the years, where natural barriers such as lower Tagua-Tagua Lake and the granite peaks, have protected this beautiful place of human intervention.


Formed millions of years ago, they dominate the landscape, being always a shaping element of the landscape formations left behind by the passage of glaciers. Present along the entire route, they delight us with their snowcapped peaks and granite walls. These yet unexplored.


Source of life ever present in the park, it covers every corner, forming ponds, rivers, waterfalls and meadows. These are areas of high ecological value as flood control areas and as per their high biodiversity. The park is an example of how the water cycle affects the lifetime, collecting the meltdown waters in the main channel which eventually fall taking a giant leap into the lake Tagua-Tagua. These, completely pure and free of contamination, nourish all the living species in the forest.


Unique and evergreen, forest is a shelter unsurpassed for all species that inhabit it. It's here where it ends to understand this amazing cycle of life; a place where each and every one of their representatives, from the largest larch to smaller lichens and from the chucao to the puma play a role. This Valdivian forest Ecoregion representative excels for the extraordinary endemism of the flora: 90% at the species level and 34% at the genus level for seed plants; a very high percentage, unusual worldwide.


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Tell us your experience

This section has been made for you. We want you to tell your experience in Tagua-Tagua Park to all our friends. We invite you to upload your photos, videos or comments to show how were your days in the park.


A wonderful park to clear off line. A unique experience worth the walk so much. Ideally, repeat …

“Knowledge is Free!”

“Knowledge is Free”
“Knowledge is our debt to others”

… the view from “Alerces” Refuge.

This park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life.

Enjoy your Environment


The Tagua Tagua-Park is characterized by having and protecting native flora and fauna. Much of pets like dogs and cats, are carriers of diseases that could eventually spread to native species. Domestic species, guided by their instincts, may attack nests, birds and other native species. Therefore, pets are NOT allowed in the park.


The park, being a protected area, works tirelessly in the conservation of all species that inhabit it. That is why fishing is not permitted in the park. So we leave to Nature life cycles of fish in lake and rivers.


As a place of Conservation camping is not allowed for it has a negative impact on the environment. In order to enjoy an extended stay, 2 shelters were created for our visitors.


The park has hiking trails that go deep into the valley to reach its lakes, waterfalls and viewpoints. To enjoy each of these places we recommend traveling with light luggage. Thus, the experience will be unique and better well used.

Contact / Bookings


In order to minimize the impact of visitors, the visit to the park must be coordinated through a previous booking. This way you help us in the process of conservation and environmental protection.

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We will happily answer any questions you have about the park. Contact us!