Tagua-Tagua Park is a Private Protected Area (PPA) of approximately 3,000 ha. which is located in the basin of Puelo river, on the shores of Lake Tagua-Tagua. Administratively the park belongs to the commune of Cochamó, Province of Llanquihue, Los Lagos District. The area corresponds to a concession granted to Universidad Mayor by the Ministry of National Assets, to develop a project of biodiversity conservation and special interest tourism, where the emphasis of the experience is on knowledge and science. The park is under the management and operation of Miralejos Chile Adventure Co.

Inside the park there are ecosystems from the southern Chile. Prominent among them are the pristine ancient forests dominated by species such as larch, and other old species such as mañío trees (Podocarpus) and coigüe trees (Magellan beech). All these species are characteristic of the cold temperate climates of southern Chile.

In the park there are also crystalline lagoons, rivers, waterfalls and a network of wetlands that are home to a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora, among which there is a wide variety of fungi.


• Designing research programs that contribute to the conservation of temperate rainforest.
• Building technical and technological tools to transmit scientific knowledge in different levels of depth.
• Creating and implementing tourism products and services of particular interest to deliver to the visitor experiences where the differentiating factor is the knowledge and awareness of our natural resources.
• Making the operation of the park solvent by selling touristic services.
• Creating awareness on Puelo Valley’s community in the process of conservation and environmental protection.