1. How to get to the park from Puerto Varas?
The park is not reachable by surface. However you can go by car (own or rented) or by bus down to Lake Tagua-Tagua. The access to the park is by boat operating from Puerto Maldonado. You can hire local boat transportation or book our boat service.

2. Can I reach the park on my own without using the park’s boat transfer service?
Yes. You can reach the park without using the park’s boat transfer service. However, you should book your visit to the park. Visits without prior reservation are not allowed.
Find below a short list of boat operators:

Cololo +56989306402
Jaime Gallardo +56994401804

3. How many days do I need to know the park?
We recommend a minimum stay of 3 days to enjoy the experience to the fullest. If you do not have much time, a full day visit will reveal part of the park’s beauties.

4. Can I visit the park all year round or only during the summer?
It can be visited only between September and April of the following year. During May, June, July and August it will remains closed and in maitenance.

5. Does the park is for all age groups?
Tagua-Tagua Park is a mountain park and the visitor needs to have a good physical condition, as some sections of the walk are highly demanding. The gap range goes from 0 to 710 m.

6. Can I bring children?
Children are welcome, but prior telephone interview with the adult responsible of the child. Our goal is that everyone has a good experience and we are aware that the park terrain is not suitable for all children. So we suggest that children aged 0-5 years be carried in a children backpack. Children from 5 to 9 years old, previous interview with the adult responsible is required.

7. Does the park count on camping sites?
Camping is forbidden. There are two refuges to accommodate visitors. Alerces Refuge: to be shared with other guests, and Quetrus Refuge: for families or groups.

8. What facilities and trails does the park have?
The park has an Information Center, luggage storage, two refuges and a network of trails covering a total of 18 kilometers. Trails are distributed over a main trail, a circuit and four trails to lookouts and waterfalls. These can be visited together with an experienced guide or self-guided.

9. Do shelters have shower, hot water and electricity?
Shelters are rustic and count on basic equipment. Neither has shower, hot water or electricity.

10. Is it possible to leave luggage in custody?
Yes, we have luggage storage. Your stuff will remain in closed drums.

11. Is it possible to arrive or leave the park at night?
For safety reasons no night navigation.

12. What should I bring to the shelters?
You need to bring a light backpack. We offer a list of suggested items to bring which can be downloaded by clicking here.

13. Are there mobile phone coverage and internet signal in the park?
As part of being away from civilization there is no cell coverage or internet signal. However we have UHV radio which is always connected with Mítico Puelo Lodge Administration.

14. Do I need a guide to do the trekking, or can I do it by myself?
You can do your trekking by yourself, but keep in mind that a guide will always provide a different kind of experience sharing a deeper knowledge of the place.