Tagua-Tagua Park has 20 km of trails. Its layout was designed to minimize the impact of visitors, and the most representative attributes of the area were incorporated in the route. On its way bridges and 1 kilometer of boardwalks are to cross the waterways and fragile areas.

Outstanding is the “Hanging bridge”. With 40 meters long, this bridge offers a unique view of Tagua-Tagua lake and of a double waterfall formed by the riverstream.


Distance Time Height
Tagua Tagua Lake 300 m 10 min 20 msnm
Hanging Bridge 150 m 5 min 107 msn
Mañío Bridge 3,5 km 2 hrs 375 msn
Alerces Refuge 6,5 km 4 hrs 535 msnm
Quetrus Refuge 10 km 5 1/2 hrs 710 msn

Estimated values to facilitate the reading