Bookings: Visits and trekking programs to the park. Please write to info@parquetaguatagua.cl
Prices: they are valid only for the period between September 2018 – May 2019. Public transportation schedules such as ferries or local buses are subject to change. Tagua-Tagua Park WILL NOT BE responsible for the non-complience or unexpected delays in their operation. Tagua-Tagua Park Transportation: boats and transfers need to be coordinated in advance, as indicated in point 1. Quetrus Refuge: this fully equipped refuge is rented privately, especially for families. You just need to bring your own daily food as the price for renting does not include food. Alerces Refuge: this refuge has a large bunk to be shared with other people. Bunkers need to bring their food, sleeping bag and mattress. Published rate is per night, per person. In & Out: boats come and go to the Park from Puerto Maldonado. Published schedules remain subject to change without previous advise depending on weather and sailing conditions.